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With new anti-clog and anti-odor products from Helix Labs, you can deliver more value to customers while enhancing your productivity.

  • Deliver superior results faster.
  • Boost long-term satisfaction.
  • Reduce call-backs and complaints.

Enzyme Drain Deodorizer with Pleasant Fragrance

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Tired of odors coming from your garbage disposal, washing machine or dishwasher? BioFresh provides immediate odor control while the powerful, all-natural enzymes digest the odor-causing matter.

  • Digests organic matter to clear clogs and fight odors
  • Specifically formulated for:
    • Garbage Disposals
    • Dishwashers
    • Bathrooms
    • Slow Drains
  • Non-toxic, pipe-friendly
  • Creates protective biofilm in pipe
  • For regular drain and disposal maintenance, including metered dispensing in restaurants


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Microbial Cleaner for Jetters and Pressure Washers

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Restore your drains with a deep, long-lasting clean. JetBugs delivers powerful grease removal and enduring protection from a single application by your plumber’s jetter or pressure washer.

  • Deep cleaning
  • Foam treatment leaves behind billions of grease-eating bacteria to fight off future grease long after service
  • Extends time between service
  • Non-toxic, pipe-friendly
  • Treats drains, grease traps, sumps, garbage disposals and septic tanks
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